Sunday’s Worship Service



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Wednesday: Praise Team  6:30      Prayer Meeting     7:00
January 16th: 12:30 BC Annual Meeting and luncheon
January 23rd: LPV   Annual luncheon and business meeting
following morning Worship


Feb. 19th Fellowship of Love -  a catered meal @ LPV – reservations a must;                                                  Sign up sheet back of church. 


1st Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 7:00 at LPV

     1st Sunday of the month-Building Fund Collection at LPV

3rd Sunday 10:15 Meet and Greet with a continental breakfast at LPV

3rd Tuesday Session meets at 7:00 at LPV

      3rd Saturday of the month Paper recycle at LPV

                                        4th Sunday of the month Food Pantry at LPV                                     


               Remember our shut ins.  An up to date list will follow. 

If you have someone to add please let us know.

If you are not sure of your salvation check out the page,

"How To Be Saved".

A Home Bible Study, "How to Grow in Christ", is Available for the Asking.